Overview of Technology Platforms



Our integrated platforms encompass innovative interventions in gene editing and immunotherapy that provide hope for cures and/or life-long remissions for devastating diseases. Because of the relative ease of administration, our potentially ground-breaking interventions could be used throughout the world to transform the lives of millions of people.


The novel approach tricks the viruses to use proteins it needs to reproduce to trigger the cells they infect to commit suicide instead of becoming a virus-making factory. The technology is delivered by vectors that allow it to rapidly treat an infection or to wait in ambush for a cell to become infected to prevent (prophylaxis, similar to taking drugs to protect from becoming infected with malaria or HIV) future infections.

The delivery mechanism can be adapted for aerosol (e.g., respiratory infections like COVID-19 and influenza), intravenous or other delivery mechanisms (e.g. for Hepatitis B Virus and HIV).

The human immune system is designed to recognize and destroy “otherness”, including something that does not belong in our healthy cells (e.g. viruses and cancer).

The most powerful response of the immune system is to cells from another human being (allogeneic). Several of our technologies take advantage of this otherness to hyperstimulate a person’s immune response to better attack a chronic infection (e.g. HIV) or solid tumors. In certain pipelines (e.g.HIV and Cancer), cells taken from another person are sometimes genetically modified to further boost the immune system to seek and kill diseases.

In addition to those platforms, Enochian BioSciences has an innovative approach to remove cells from a person living with HIV and genetically modify them so they cannot be infected with HIV. The “special sauce” is an additional genetic alteration to increase the ability of those cells to survive and expand when they are given back to the same person (autologous transplantation).