Our Technology for Oncology

Gene-Modified Cell Therapies for Cancer


Despite the demonstrated effective antigen presenting and T-cell stimulating capacity of Dendritic Cells (DCs), the clinical response of DC-based immunotherapy remains limited. Therefore, Enochian is working on improving the stimulatory capacity of DCs by genetically modifying DCs.

Our platform of genetically modified Dcs can be translated into several different anti-tumor immunotherapies after either, ex vivo exposure to tumor lysates, loading with tumor proteins or peptides, or transduction with genetic material encoding these tumor signatures. This DC technology platform could be for solid tumors (80% of the cancer market) that the Car-T Cell technology is for liquid tumors (20% of the cancer market) and potentially more potent.

We believe that our platform could be one of the most promising and effective strategies to achieve life-long remission for a number of common and deadly tumors.