Our Mission

Develop Definitive Cures and Provide Effective Prevention for Infectious Diseases and Cancer


Based in Los Angeles, Enochian BioSciences Inc. is a gene-modified cell therapy company with a clear mission: develop definitive cures and provide effective prevention for infectious diseases and cancer. After the acquisition of Enochian Biopharma in early 2018, Enochian Biosciences Inc. (former DanDrit Biotech USA Inc.) is poised to change the course of gene-modified cell therapy treatments through expert insights and dedicated efforts.

Our Objectives

  • – HIV preventative vaccine and cures
  • – HBV treatment and cure
  • – Cellular immune-oncology products for the prevention of relapse of metastatic colon cancer after resection and chemotherapy
  • – Genetically-modified dendritic cell platform for the treatment of cancer