Meet Our Inventor & Co-Founder

Dr. Serhat Gümrükcü

Inventor & Co-Founder

Dr. Gumrukcu commenced his medical studies at Dokuz Eylul University, Turkey (2004) and received his medical degree (2006) at First Moscow State University, where he also completed his first residency in medical genetics in 2008 before continuing his clinical and research studies in Turkey. He holds a PhD degree from RUDN University, and he is currently the director of Seraph Research Institute, a non-profit organization he established in Los Angeles, California, where he also runs a research lab.

In his initial years of research, he studied gene expression profile changes in stem cells during embryonic and fetal development. In later years, he shifted his focus to gene and cell therapies, particularly in the context of cancer and HIV, creating new adoptive cell therapy models for chronic infectious diseases and solid tumor cancers. One of his objectives was to develop a better autologous gene-modified stem cell transplant model to achieve successful engraftment without the necessity of myeloablative conditioning regimens. Apart from his continuing research on solid tumor cancers, his current research focuses on creating new approaches and mechanisms of actions in antiviral therapies through co-opting virus-specific components of viral replication machinery, on viruses including HBV, influenza, Ebola and HIV.

 His most recent studies are opening up an uncharted field in molecular virology and antiviral research with potential clinical implications in pursuit of cures for chronic viral infections.