Meet Our Inventor & Co-Founder

Dr. Serhat Gümrükcü

Inventor & Co-Founder


After receiving his preclinical training at the Dokuz Eylul University in 2004, Dr. Serhat Gümrükcü continued his training in various institutions and started working as a physician licensed by the Ministry of Health of Turkey in 2008. Later, after working under Dr. Suat Arusan in Turkey, Dr. Gümrükcü decided to explore further studies in the field of cell and gene therapies. He is currently the director of Seraph Research Institute, a non-profit organization where he runs a research lab at the cutting edge of cell, gene and immunotherapy research. On agreeing to join the Institute’s scientific board, one of the world’s leading experts and his mentor in immuno-oncology, Prof. Shimon Slavin said, “Dr. Gümrükcü was a young Turkish post-doc with interesting ideas when I first met him eight years ago. I am looking forward to our future collaboration in developing and implementing novel cancer treatments at Seraph Research Institute.”

His interest in other fields of science, such as physics, has led him to pursue creating cross-disciplinary solutions to complex human diseases as a researcher. Based on his unique research training, Dr. Gümrükcü has become a prolific inventor, submitting various patent/provisional patent applications, which include several approaches aimed to treat or potentially cure HIV/AIDS, Hepatitis B, major solid tumors, rare but deadly diseases, and for a novel vaccine for HIV among many others.

Dr. Gümrükcü has licensed intellectual property related to HIV and several solid tumors to Enochian. Dr. Mark Dybul, MD, said, “Dr. Gümrükcü is one of those rare geniuses that is not bound by scientific discipline or dogma. He sees connections and opportunities often missed. His ideas are the purest kind: those that seem so obvious and simple once he has conceived of, and explained them.”