Enochian BioSciences to Present to Investors at the H.C. Wainwright 23rd Annual Investment Conference

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Groundbreaking Science that transforms the life of patients

One audacious mission to use groundbreaking science for cures and effective prevention of infectious diseases and cancer.

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Enochian / Eno-key-in

Enochian BioSciences is a biopharmaceutical company dedicated to identifying, developing, manufacturing, and commercializing gene-modified cell therapy. Our gene-modified cell therapy platform can be applied to multiple indications including HIV/AIDS and Oncology.

Our Objectives

HIV Preventative Vaccine and Cures

HBV Treatment or Cure

Cellular Immune-oncology Products

Focused for the prevention of relapse of metastatic colon cancer after resection and chemotherapy

Genetically-modified Dendritic Cell Platform for Treatment of Cancer

Why Do We Need a Cure and a Vaccine for HIV?

0 Living with HIV Worldwide in 2017

0 Infected with HIV Worldwide in 2017

0 AIDS Related Deaths Worldwide in 2017

0 Diagnosed with HIV in the U.S. in 2017

"It is so important to find a cure for HIV, so many people are affected and would benefit. We need companies like Enochian BioSciences to pursue this very important goal." -Hans Peter Kiem